Riding for Focus at Duval Charter School at Southside

After being awarded the Riding for Focus grant from The Specialized Foundation, DCSS has been integrating cycling lessons into each middle school PE class. With twenty Specialized Pitch bicycles and helmets awarded to the school to use, our teachers are following a curriculum designed to help students become “Road Ready” where they learn how to ride safely on and off the trails by improving their balance, awareness, and general cycling safety. In addition, they also learn about how cycling can improve their focus, executive functioning and problem solving, and overall heart health.
When students have mastered their cycling-specific quizzes, and meet mastery for the performance-based cycling test at the end of the Road Ready lesson, eligible students will be able to go on a cycling field trip and ride on local trails in Jacksonville, Florida.
If you’d like to learn more about the grant, please e-mail Mr. Jared Davis at jadavis@southsidecharter.org!