First Grade Sink or Float Experiment at Renaissance Charter School at Central Palm

For the past few days the scholars at Renaissance Charter School at Central Palm have being learning about why things may sink or float. They learned how an object mass, shape, size, and density play a role if the item sinks or floats. We experimented with marbles, sponges, cardboard, eggs, straws, and toy cars. Before we did the experiment, the scholars made predictions to whether the item will sink or float and explained their opinion as to why they believed so. Some of the predictions they made were, “I think the car will float because it doesn’t have that much mass”, “I think the sponge will both sink and float because it is not that heavy, but when it gets wet, the water will make it heavy so it will be in the middle, it won’t go to the bottom but it won’t be at the top.” As we experimented, the scholars were excited to see if their predictions were true or not.